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Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15: The Car Accident

I was waiting for my turn to enter the open parking lot in front of MOA's Hypermarket when I suddenly felt a strong bump from behind my car. I would usually remove my seatbelt whenever I'm gonna enter a parking area. It's a good thing that I didn't remove mine at that time because I might have hit the steering wheel due to the strong impact. I was a little disoriented after but I was able to manage to get out of the car and face the reckless driver.

From the driver himself (he doesn't know how to speak English and knew very little Filipino), he lost control of his car and forgot to step on the brakes. Yeah, he was just plain stupid.

He paid up for the damage. But he and his female companion complained when they were being given a ticket by the traffic police. The female companion didn't want me to leave and instead opened the left side of my car. I pushed her away, shut close my car and told her that she didn't have any right to open my car in any way. I told them that I'll return the money and press charges instead. The female companion shut up and they were dealt with accordingly by the traffic police.

I got home safe but my neck's hurting. I think I'll be fine though. I probably just have to rest.

I'm still thankful that this was just all what happened to me today. I have to set aside time for the car to get fixed as I can't afford not to have a car during weekdays. Victoria's been battered this week. I cannot even open her trunk. Anyway, I do hope this would be the last of all the not-so-good things that happened to me this week. I want a better week next week!


  1. Oh no! What nationality were they? Hope your neck feels better soon.

  2. They were Chinese. Apparently, they're new here - so they say. Thanks so much! I have a neck brace on for the next few days but I'll be fine.